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Visa Made Simple provides specialist, dedicated, support to those who reside in the UK, have a UK Resident Permit and wish to obtain a Schengen Visa for travel to Europe.

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Visa Made Simple Services

Visa Pre-check and Form Filling

Visa Made Simple specialists will review your documents and complete the application form on your behalf. We will carry out extensive checks to ensure your application is complete and ready to be submitted.

Visa Pre-check, Form Filling with appointment

Visa Made Simple will not only complete and conduct checks on your application; we will also secure you an appointment at the relevant centre and send you confirmation alongside a guide on how to get there.

Concierge Service

Our Concierge Service comprises of Visa Pre-Check, Form Filling, Appointment Booking and also a dedicated specialist to meet you at the centre and guide you through the whole process.

Concierge Express with Visa collection service

Concierge Express comprises of all express services along with the collection, check and return of your visa via secure post thus saving you a return trip to the visa centre.

Schengen Visa Specialists

Visa Made Simple was established to provide specialist, dedicated support to those who reside in the UK, have a UK Resident Card and wish to obtain a Schengen Visa for travel to Europe.

Visa Made Simple was founded by specialists with over a decade of Schengen Visa applicaiton experience behind them. This means we have established strong connections and relationships with not only Visa Processing Centres but also many of the embassies and Consulates . We know exactly what they are looking for before granting applicants a Schengen Visa.

Why Choose Visa Made Simple?


Visa Made Simple makes the visa application process as simple as possible. Our specialist staff will review and check your documents to confirm your application is ready to be submitted or if there is information that is missing or requires correction.

Many of our competitors fail to advise customers that they do have a choice to submit their application directly to the relevant authority for the destination country of their choice without incurring the cost of intermediary fees. At Visa Made Simple, we are honest and transparent in regards to what services our visa application charges cover.

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If you wish to secure your Schengen Visa application but without the stress and hassle that is the norm for obtaining any sort of Visa. Visa Made Simple offers an end to end service which will ensure your application has the highest chance of being approved the very first time. Our services also comprise of a Concierge Service which means we can escort and stay by your side for the duration of your appointment. We can even arrange for your visa to be collected and returned to you by secure post or courier to save you a trip back to the Visa Centre to collect your Visa.

Visa Made Simple is dedicated to ensuring that obtaining a Shengen Visa is exactly that – Simple. Whether it be a tourist visa or a visitor visa or a student visa.

Some Of Our Reviews

Visa Made Simple are a true professional organisation with whom I have worked with for several years. Unlike other agencies they are transparent with their charges and help you with each stage of your application. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is unsure of the visa process to offer a bespoke service at every stage of the way” Client- Valentina Jahonte

“I have used the services for Visa Made Simple on a few occasions now. They take the stress out of the whole process and keep me updated at all stages of the application. They even helped to get my marriage certificate legalised as per the embassy requirement and send my passport via courier once the visa is issued. I would continue using their services for the foreseeable and could not recommend them enough.” Frequent traveller- Tanya Haaris